Episode 2

Abraham Agiri and Designing as a Coder, and Coding as a Designer


June 15th, 2021

38 mins 53 secs

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Abraham Jr. Agiri


Richard Littauer | Eriol Fox | Justin W. Flory | Memo Esparza

Show Notes

Hello and welcome to Sustain Open Source Design! On this podcast where we will talk about sustaining open source with design. Learn how we, as designers, interface with open source in a sustainable way, how we integrate into different communities, and how we, as coders, work with other designers. On today’s episode, we have our first guest, Agiri Abraham, Software Engineer and Team Lead at Softcom. He’s also on the Node.js Community Committee and a Cross-Project Council (CPC) member of the OpenJS Foundation. Agiri is passionate about engineering and solving problems. We will learn about what Agiri does at all his jobs, how he got involved with Node, challenges that he’s faced along the way, and much more. Go ahead and download this episode now to find out more and if you’re interested, please subscribe!

[00:02:38] Agiri tells us what he does at his jobs.

[00:03:55] Find out how Agiri got involved with Node.

[00:06:14] Eriol brings up a conversation they had with Agiri almost a year ago, and Agiri recaps that conversation which was about developer designs relations.

[00:08:38] Justin asks Agiri if there’s another role that design plays in the JavaScript ecosystem in ways that people don’t think might typically be true.

[00:11:36] We learn the types of difficult types of conversations Agiri’s had with other developers.

[00:14:10] Agiri tells us if the developer relationship roles in organizations could change to be more design friendly, what kind of ways would he like see those roles change.

[00:16:10] Eriol poses a question to Agiri regarding a current situation around the topic of problem-solving ideas with designers and wonders what he would do.

[00:18:49] Richard wonders how Agiri is implementing these high-level abstractions into his actual projects and how does he bring this to the CPC. Richard also asks him what he sees as possible venues to make the shift cost-effective and if he has any examples to help people understand how this will actually accelerate.

[00:23:54] Justin asks Agiri if he could tell us a story of a time when he was working with a community of people like open source design, and what that experience like to work with other people on a wider project and something that just wasn’t for yourself.

[00:26:33] Richard wonders if Agiri has had the same experience as him with every time he’s run a NodeSchool, he notices that everyone else there is trying to figure it out with him.

[00:27:49] Memo asks Agiri outside of his work, like with pixel pushing, how does he envision design happening between him and developers, and where design happens outside screens and drawings, in his experience, how has non-pixel, non-graphical experience been with developers. Agiri also tells us how he designs with other people in conversations rather than in screen.

[00:32:45] Agiri talks about the challenges of building the vocabulary and having conversations.

[00:35:06] Find out where you can follow Agiri and his work on the internet.


  • [00:36:13] Eriol’s spotlight is Penpot.
  • [00:36:43] Justin’s spotlight is Taiga6.
  • [00:37:09] Memo’s spotlight is Open Web Docs.
  • [00:37:40] Richard’s spotlight is NodeSchool.
  • [00:38:04] Agiri’s spotlight is NodeJs and OpenJs Foundation.