Episode 16

Jérémy Landes on Type Designing


December 14th, 2021

31 mins 56 secs

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Jérémy Landes


Richard Littauer | Memo Esparza | Eriol Fox

Show Notes

Hello and welcome to Sustain Open Source Design! The podcast where we talk about sustaining open source with design. Learn how we, as designers, interface with open source in a sustainable way, how we integrate into different communities, and how we as coders, work with other designers. We’re really excited to have as our guest, Jérémy Landes, from the South of France, who’s a “Font Dude” or Type Designer, and he’s the leader of the graphic and type design, Studio Triple, based in Berlin. Today, Jérémy explains what he does as a type designer, how he incorporates the open source side of it, and the process of how to start building a font all the way to the end. We also find out how he feels about the ownership of what he creates, how he sees the boundaries between open source and collaboration, and his thoughts on what he would like to see happen in the future for design communities to be more open. Download this episode now to find out much more!

[00:01:57] Jérémy fills us in on what he does and since he does this for freelance, we find out where he gets his money as an open source designer.

[00:04:52] Memo wonders how Jérémy’s path has been on being a designer and becoming a type designer and incorporating the open source side of it.

[00:07:55] Eriol asks Jérémy to explain the process of how to start building a font or build some topography all the way to the end when the font is used. He also explains if it differs for commercial non-open source fonts and open source fonts.

[00:12:20] Jérémy used to be an open source type designer first, so Memo wonders if working in open source helped him reach more people, brought more attention to his work, and if it was a commercial channel to his professional career.

[00:14:20] Richard talks about one of the major benefits of using open source software is that you can fork a project, and he wonders if Jérémy has seen that happen in the font community.

[00:18:30] Find out how Jérémy sees the boundaries between open source and collaboration.

[00:20:55] Eriol brings up the topic of is it still open source if you pay for it, and wonders how Jérémy feels about the ownership of what he creates and what kind of thoughts go through his head as he creates typefaces and fonts around the complex nature of ownership and design practice.

[00:25:28] Jérémy shares his thoughts on what would like to see happen for design communities to be more open in the future.

[00:28:10] Find out where you can follow Jérémy online.


[00:05:13] “I think that open source should have, especially in design, more eyeballs on it. Not everything makes sense as an open source project.”

[00:15:10] “As the font community started to be more used to open source ways of working, and as the frontier between collaboration and open source starts to blend, we saw more forks happen.”


  • [00:29:03] Memo’s spotlight is Design Principles.
  • [00:29:32] Eriol’s spotlight is Kigelia, a Typeface for Africa.
  • [00:30:20] Richard’s spotlight is Coffee Table Typography.
  • [00:30:51] Jeremy’s spotlights are ProcessWire and OSP.kitchen.