Episode 39

Mogashni Naidoo on Integrating UX Research into Open Source Product Management


April 11th, 2023

27 mins 58 secs

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Mogashni Naidoo


Django Skorupa

Show Notes

Hello and welcome to Sustain Open Source Design, a podcast where we discuss the intersections between design, open source, and what it takes to sustain communities that interact with both. Today, Django is hosting, and he’s excited to talk to his guest, Mogashni Naidoo, who’s a UX Researcher working in open source Bitcoin products and applications. The conversation covers her journey from volunteering in the Bitcoin community to becoming a UX research evangelist. Mo discusses her work on Lightning Wallet, and she shares her passion for the Bitcoin Industry’s ethos of financial freedom and openness. She also emphasizes her work ethic of working in public, she shares her approach to working in the open, which involves sharing her work very openly in the Slack community and posting a blog once a week. We’ll also here the importance of building products that empower users and make them feel confident and educated in their actions. Download this episode to hear more!

[00:01:08] Mo tells us what she does as a UX research evangelist within the Bitcoin design community, and what it looks like to be advocating user research in this field.

[00:03:10] Django brings up a project called Lightning Wallet and asks Mo what this project looked like before she came on board and how hit looks now.

[00:06:32] We hear about the ethos and the sensibilities Mo took in when she started this work.

[00:09:26] If you’re listening right now and want to learn about Bitcoin, how to speak in this field, and how to listen in this field, Mo tells us how you can.

[00:13:15] When talking about fostering new growth and sustaining open source, what’s the role of the public design mentor?

[00:19:13] Mo tells us about a Bitcoin UX Research toolkit she’s building, and how it’s taught her a lot about working out in the open and working in public.

[00:21:29] When talking about empowerment in the idea of physical independence, Django wonders how we can make people feel better when they’re using a lightning wallet or Bitcoin products.

[00:26:46] Find out where you follow Mo on the web.


  • [00:23:40] Mo’s spotlight is the Bitcoin Design Community.
  • [00:25:12] Django’s spotlight is sharing he’s a Film Photographer, and using the Massive Dev Chart which is the reason he’s been able to get this far in his art.