Episode 5

Bryan Paget on Open Source Developers with Design Thinking


September 7th, 2021

36 mins 27 secs

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Bryan Paget


Richard Littauer | Eriol Fox

Show Notes

Hello and welcome to Sustain Open Source Design! The podcast where we talk about sustaining open source with design. Learn how we, as designers, interface with open source in a sustainable way, how we integrate into different communities, and how we as coders, work with other designers. Today we have as our guest, Bryan Paget, who is a Data Scientist for Health Canada. We find out what Bryan does as a Data Scientist, his interest in Linux, his ideas on consistency and expression existing within open source, and what design means to him. Go ahead and download this episode now to find out much more, and if you’re interested please subscribe!

[00:02:16] Bryan tells us what he does as a Data Scientist.

[00:03:12] Eriol talks about data cleaning and how tricky it is to understand the best ways to facilitate it, and Bryan talks about data catalogs.

[00:05:45] Eriol asks Bryan if he’s had the same experience with being excited about projects such as complex data systems, complex backend systems, or operating systems.

[00:06:51] We learn more about Bryan’s interest in Linux and what sparks these conversations he has about open source and design.

[00:09:55] Richard asks Bryan how we could help conversations be less long and exhausting and make it easier for people to have the space and energy to engage in ways that help them feel like they’re accomplishing something. Bryan and Eriol share their thoughts on the platform usage.

[00:17:33] Bryan tells us why he uses Linux.

[00:19:38] Richard wonders how Bryan would define designer, and then to define what design is for him.

[00:20:41] Eriol and Bryan have a discussion on the subject of consistency and expression existing within the open source.

[00:24:01] Eriol talks about something they have struggled with and that is seeing a lot of resistance by designers wanting to contribute to a systems-based approach to open source tools.

[00:28:54] Eriol asks Bryan his thoughts on how to engage open source developers in design thinking, what are ways in which he wants to learn more, and what would he ask Eriol, who’s an open source designer, to do for him.

[00:33:19] Find out where you can follow Bryan online.


[00:17:57] “So I think it’s just about being able to do things the way I want and be able to express myself the way I want. That’s like a common theme throughout my life is I like to just be myself and do what I want within reason.”

[00:20:16] “I want to use words like curation and choice, like there’s something about I have a certain vision or a feeling, and I want to produce something that reflects that.”

[00:20:25] “But design is also a bit more functional that pure art. That was a huge rift actually when I went to art schools.”


  • [00:34:03] Richard’s spotlight is Anki.
  • [00:34:22] Eriol’s spotlight is Dark Patterns Tip Line.
  • [00:35:29] Bryan’s spotlight is Libre Graphics Meeting.