Sustain Open Source Design

Sustain Open Source Design Invitation

Sustain Open Source Design Invitation

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We're so glad you're considering being on the Sustain Open Source Design Podcast!

Sustain has been hosting a podcast for over a year now: we have over 20 episodes with designers and open source practictioners like you. S.O.S. Design is a podcast dedicated to exploring the intersection of open source and design: how design is crucial in the open source ecosystem, how designers work with coders to make open source software better, and what sustainability means for the field of open source designers. This podcast grew out of the Sustain community and Open Source Design, and seeks to share great conversations with members from both communities and the open source and design space at large.

If you haven't listened yet, we hope you will check out a few episodes - but there's no pressure to do so before coming on the show!

Booking a time

Book a slot on Calendly here.

Keep in mind that later slots may not work for Europeans, and earlier slots may not work for Americans. If you're in the Eastern hemisphere or want a particular time, please let us know by emailing us at We try to only record one podcast a week, but if you want to record earlier than available or on a given week, we can work it out.

If you would like to talk to Richard Littauer before booking an interview, you can do so here:

What we ask of you:

  • 10 to 20 minutes of prep time, including filling out the guest template we'll send to you, and skimming our guest checklist.
  • An hour of time set aside for recording your podcast!
  • Help promoting your episode, afterwards!

And that's it! We'll send the prep document shortly after you book a slot using our Calendly.

The Panelists

We have several panelists, and whoever shows up will be on the show. Some of us live in Europe and can't make the late sessions on Friday. We limit panelists to three when too many show up, to make sure the focus is on you, and not us. If you would like to ensure a certain panelist is available for your podcast, let us know!

Feel free to ask us any questions that you have. We look forward to having you on the show. Our contact information is below. Occasionally we have guest hosts. If you have someone in mind, let us know.

We can all be reached at

Richard Littauer: Open Source Collective & SustainOSS
Twitter: ‚Äč@richlitt

Eriol Fox: Simply Secure
Twitter: @erioldoesdesign

Peace Ojemeh (Perrie)
Twitter: @Peace_Ojemeh

Memo Esparza: Open Collective
Twitter: @memo_es_

Georgia Bullen: Simply Secure
Twitter: @georgiamoon

Django Skorupa: Open @ RIT
Twitter: @djangoskorupa